Musollah at Suntec City

Suntec City now has Musollah. Not 1, but 2 Musollah.

Thank you Linn for contacting me and letting me know about it. Thank you Suntec City for providing the space.

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  • Shazleen

    so musollah still exist at tower 3 only? and the ablution area is at where?

  • Hafiz

    As of April 7th, 2019, musollah is still operational. Fyi ablution/wudhu’ need to take from toilet. Nearest is beside arcade. Slippers for wudhu’ available.

  • Kamsani

    Confirm musollah at L1 Tower 2 North Atrium no more.
    But musollah L3 Tower 3 next to Singpost still up. Allhamdulillah.

  • Ridhwan

    Date:23rd December 2018
    - Musollah at Tower 2 North Atrium no longer available. Altenatively you may go to Musollah at Tower 3 Level 3 next to Singpost #03-383.

  • Adun NASAK

    Any new musollah pls update

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