Marshall's Roasted Coconut Chips Starter Pack

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 This starter pack includes all 7 different flavours of guilt-free roasted coconut chips. You're gonna wanna snack on this all day, everyday.


The Original

You can't go wrong with the classic. The earth’s wonder fruit in it’s crunchy form, with a delicious subtle sweetness.

Trust Me, Honey

The perfect balance of coconut and naturally sweet honey removes the guilt from satisfying your sweet tooth. Perfect as a topping, post-a workout snack or a healthy alternative to satisfy your cravings.

But First, Coffee

One bite of this roasted coffee crunch makes you question your regular caffeine fix. Perfect as a topping, a post-workout snack or a healthy alternative for your cravings.

Be My Wasabae

This heavenly spicy and sweet combo leaves your tastebuds crying for more. It's also perfect for before dinner snacking! 

Salty, Me Likey

Chill and relax with the taste of this heavenly sweet and salty combo leaving your tastebuds wanting more. 

Feel the Sriracha Heat

Get a taste of Thailand's classic sauce packed with sweet, spicy, taste with a hint of all things alive.

Tom Yum, Yum Indeed

Perfectly crunchy with a hint of Thailand's signature sour and spicy taste. The savoury taste of the all-time favourite Tom Yum & all of its exciting goodness.