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I believe human-interest stories can touch lives & make a difference to mankind

I am Content Creator, Vlogger, TV Producer. You can view my vlogs in I’m also the founder of Screenbox Pte Ltd.



I will coach you on the technical and storytelling aspects of vlogging and content creating on video.

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10 Perkara Saya Belajari dari 10 Jutawan Asia The Secret of Hajj Siap Berniaga dalam 10 Hari (Audiobook) 40 Hadith Reflections on Marketing and Business Minda Magick

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Books and materials that help me grow spiritually and mentally.

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Its very interactive. Sujimy gave his own, very valuable personal experience and insights into how to take good videos. Especially those involving interviews.

Grace MG

Sujimy has been very patient. There’s a lot of sharing of his vast experience and knowledge.

Zaheer Rafee

I find his workshop very useful. Not only did Sujimy gave a lot of technical advice, but also the non-technical aspects. Such as how to make the video more engaging for the viewers and also some tips & tricks to improve the video.

Del Rasouli

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